My name is Chelsea and I am an up-and-coming senior at Brookside High School in Sheffield Village. I’ve been in the Sheffield-Sheffield Lake school system since kindergarten and I’ve lived there all my life.

For the past two years, I have written for our school’s newspaper, The Cardinal Crier, as a part of our yearbook staff. I love to write and I have a serious interest in journalism. I plan to attend Kent State University when I graduate from Brookside next year and major in journalism. When I graduate from Kent State, I hope to find a job at a rock music magazine, like Revolver or Alternative Press. I’ve decided on journalism as a career choice because I realized that music journalism was a combination of the two things I love most: music and writing. I know that in my future, I will wake up loving my job and to me that is what really matters in choosing a career. Along with a career in journalism, I wish to publish a horror novel at some point.

I’m extremely excited about writing for the Press because it is a chance to get a small taste of what it’s like to be a journalist. This summer I hope to write about not only things going on in Sheffield Lake and the surrounding communities that The Press covers, but other things that interest me. I would love to write about different concerts that I go to and interview people from our community who also went. I would like to interview some local bands too. I plan to write about The Duct Tape Festival and other local events, like the Community Days carnival in Sheffield Lake.

I will be going to a summer program called Buckeye Girl’s State that the American Legion Auxiliary Post 211 in Avon Lake chose me for. Buckeye Girl’s State is a week long summer program that teaches high school junior girls about how the government works in a hands-on way. We will be participating in mock elections and things of that nature.

Music is a very important interest in my life and my favorite hobby is going to concerts. I also love to read, go camping with my family, and write short stories. I’ve always loved to read and I collect books. My favorite series has always been Harry Potter. I’ve been an avid music fan since I was 13 and my favorite genre of music is rock, particularly ’90s rock.

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