It took two attempts, but someone was able to torch a storage shed, beside the soccer fields and behind North Ridgeville High School, on March 17.

The building, which housed the high school soccer teams’ equipment and Ranger Parents Club concession stand – as well as hand painted murals for after-prom and years of accrued handmade decorations – sustained an estimated $20,000 in damage. The North Ridgeville Fire Department projected the loss of the shed contents at $10,000.

“There has been years of accumulated decorations and murals stored there,” said Jeanette Asp, wife of high school girls soccer coach, Bryan Asp, on Friday. “For the concession stand, we lost both refrigerators and the contents. Everything was ruined.”

According to the fire department’s

report and to Asp, someone had tried

before to burn the building.

“Everything was covered in black soot from the first fire,” Asp said. “They (i.e. the arsonists) must have come back and did it again.”

The fire department report indicates the likely site of origin was the cooking area of the kitchen and that the fire was “intentional.” The one-story, 1,440-square-foot building sustained “50 to 74 percent flame damage” and was not equipped with smoke detectors or an “automatic extinguishment system.” Besides the refrigerators, also destroyed were a microwave oven, a small crock pot and table top grill.

“School custodial person on scene stated that he had walked around school building approximately 30 minutes prior to fire and did not notice any persons or smoke in this area,” the “arson narrative” said. “This building was entered previously and sustained a small, intentionally set trash fire in the concession area that self extinguished. Previous fire was discovered by school staff on March 16, 2010, and notified North Ridgeville Police Department. (Firefighters) stated they made forcible entry to all doors except concession main door, which they easily pulled open with slight resistance. The conclusion is … that this is an intentionally set fire.”

Asp said the Ranger Parents Club is putting together a list of the items lost to the fire.

“It’s sad, and we don’t have any answers right now,” she said, adding she “couldn’t put a price on” the destroyed handcrafted items. “The Ranger Parents lost everything. I feel bad for us (the soccer teams), but I feel really bad for the Ranger Parents.”

Nadine Buterbaugh, president of the Ranger Parents Club, said Sunday she was “heartsick” when she heard the news of the fire.

“Much of that stuff can’t be replaced, like the murals for after-prom,” Buterbaugh said. “And the after-prom is only a month and a half away.”

Though a final list of items they will need is not yet finished, people may contribute money to help defray the cost by sending checks, made payable to “Ranger Parents Club,” to North Ridgeville High School, c/o Ranger

Parents Club, 34600 Bainbridge Road, North Ridgeville 44039. Those wishing to donate other items may contact

Buterbaugh at 353-9481.

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