The city of Avon may soon have a new police chief.

Four Avon Police Department employees took the police chief promotional exam on Aug. 18 – Capt. Rich Bosley, Lt. Dan Fischbach, Lt. Larry Fischbach and Lt. Keith Haag.

Avon Police Chief Paul Romond retired from his position at the end of July after working in the department for 37 years. Bosley is serving as acting chief until the new police chief is selected.

All four of the individuals who took the promotional exam have been with the department for more than 10 years. According to city records, Bosley was hired in 1999, Dan Fischbach and Haag were hired in 1995 and Larry Fischbach came on board in 1992.

Industrial/Organizational Solutions Inc., which specializes in public safety selection, conducted the promotional exam.

According to Avon Law Director John Gasior, the individuals had five days before the grading took place to voice complaints, questions or concerns with the test.

“That five-day period is gone,” Gasior said in an interview Friday. “The grades were issued today (Aug. 19).”

Lt. Dan Fischbach and Bosley scored the highest on the test, averaging 74.28 percent and 73.56 percent respectively. However, the grades may be affected if objections are made during the 10-day period.

Now that the grades have been scored, Gasior said the candidates have 10 business days to voice objections about the way the test was graded.

“Nothing is happening for a couple of weeks,” Gasior said of when a new police chief would be named.

According to Civil Service Commission Secretary Sandy Martin, a date for the next commission meeting was not set as of Friday.

After the 10-day objection period expires (Sept. 13), the commission will vote on whether to certify the results of an eligibility list. Then the mayor will appoint a new police chief, Martin said.


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