Avon Lake stadium comes with new seating, higher ticket prices

A view of the new home seating from the visitor’s side at Memorial Stadium, which has a new section above the bleachers.

June 16 – Avon Lake

Shoremen football season ticket holders received something a little different in the mail this year.

Instead of being asked if they would like to keep their seats for the fall season, they learned they could “upgrade,” if they wanted, for an additional $4.

Superintendent Bob Scott said the new $12 price is for a new section at Memorial Stadium just below the press box. The seats have chair backs to them.

Last year’s prices are still available for the regular reserve sections for $8 and $6 for general admission. The price for child and senior citizen tickets is $3, though seniors can get in free with a Gold Card.

The regular reserved seats are close to the same format as with the stadium before renovations started. The regular reserve seats will be moved slightly to the west because of a walkway going up the middle of the stands. Scott said he wasn’t sure, but there may be slightly fewer seats in the regular section than last year. The district has the ability to add more regular reserve seats. With the new section, he said reserve seating has doubled.

Those who want to move up to the higher section can, he said, and the district will try to place him or her in as similar a seat as the previous seat. Those who want to stay in the regular reserve seats can do just that.

There will probably be an open house at the beginning of August to let anyone who wants a season ticket to come see which seats remain, he said.

So far, Scott said the response to the new section and price has been minimal.

“I’ve had nobody call me,” he said. “Tom Barone (director of athletics and special projects) has had one phone call.”

Most people understand, he said. The athletics department has to pay for itself. No money comes from the district’s General Fund, he said, so it comes from ticket sales. The sales help pay for referees and other game officials.

“Football pays for almost anything,” Scott said. “Football is the big moneymaker.”

While other sports, such as boys and girls basketball, can break even or make some money, most of the other sports don’t make any revenue, he said. There are many games for which the district doesn’t charge.

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