Avon Lake

A Lorain County grand jury indicted Christopher Monjot of Avon Lake on charges of burglary and receiving stolen property.

Avon Lake police arrested Monjot, 26, of Avon Lake, following a Jan. 13 burglary at a house on Long Pointe Drive. A backpack full of change, two laptops, a PlayStation3 gaming system and a PlayStation3 game were reported stolen.

Avon Lake Detective Sgt. Vince Molnar said Giant Eagle in Avon Lake contacted the police shortly after the burglary when someone found a backpack in a garbage can. The caller also let police know a man behaving suspiciously was cashing in coins at the store’s Coinstar. The man was also bleeding.

When the police reviewed the surveillance footage, Molnar said police and the victim were both able to identify the man as Monjot.

During the investigation of the Long Point Drive crime scene, Molnar said the police found blood from a broken basement window they believe Monjot used to gain entry to the Long Pointe Drive house. They also found some blood in the house where the stolen items were kept. After the police obtained a warrant to perform a buccal swab on Monjot for his DNA, Molnar said the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s trace evidence department matched Monjot’s DNA to the blood found at the scene.

“It’s not often we find blood at crime scenes, but it was a stroke of luck for us and to be able to develop a suspect,” Molnar said.

According to police reports, police picked up Monjot after an officer on routine patrol stopped him because he was driving with expired license plates. During the traffic stop, the officer discovered Monjot had a warrant out for his arrest through the Avon Lake Municipal Court for receiving stolen property. He was also in possession of drug paraphernalia, according to the report.

Monjot pleaded not guilty Jan. 19 to charges of receiving stolen property in the Avon Lake Municipal Court. The March 4 grand jury added the charge of burglary. He is being held at the county jail with a $20,000 personal recognizance bond and $20,000 cash bond. He is to have no contact with any of the victims of the burglary.

Molnar said one of the stolen laptops has been returned to its owner after the North Ridgeville police recovered it. The North Ridgeville police had arrested Monjot for breaking into cars and stealing items inside while he was out on bond from the Avon Lake Municipal Court.

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