By Rebecca Turman

Avon students could soon have to pay to participate in district sports and extracurricular activities.

During a June 15 Avon Board of Education special meeting, Avon Superintendent Jim Reitenbach proposed a program to the members.

The district would save approximately $189,000 by implementing pay-to-participate for sports and extracurricular activities, along with charging groups transportation fees for trips.

The pay to participate proposal for Tier 1 states, “Regardless of sports and/or activities the cost covers participation for the 2010-11 school year as follows:

Tier 1: High School – $200

Middle School – $100/year

Family cap – $350/year

Sports and activities covered under these fees are:

High School: Middle School:

Boys and girls x-country Boys and girls x-country

Football Football

Boys and girls golf Volleyball

Boys and girls soccer Cheerleading

Volleyball Wrestling

Cheerleading Boys and girls basketball

Boys and girls tennis Boys and girls basketball “B”

Boys and girls basketball Boys and girls track


Boys and girls swimming

Boys and girls track



Marching band

Winter Flags and Drums

**Fall Play

**Spring Musical



*Competitive cheerleading

*Dance team

*Gymnastics, hockey, competitive cheerleading and dance team do not cost the district any money in either a supplemental contract and/or travel; therefore they are not included in pay to participate. However, should a situation arise where there is a cost to any of these programs then they would be included in the pay to participate program.

**Fall play – the fee does not include more than two supplemental contracts and all supplies paid for by activity account. **Spring musical – the fee does not include more than four supplemental contracts and all supplies paid for by the activity account.

Tier 2: High School bowling club, winter sports club, middle school art club, jazz band or the NOVA will have to pay additional fees, based on how many members are in each club. Those fees are separate from the pay to participate fees.

Tier 3: Includes groups such as Power of the Pen, drama club and National Honor Society, and will not need to pay any participation costs with one exception, Reitenbach said.

“Some of these overlap with a class fee,” he said.

The groups in Tier 3 may have to pay transportation fees, however

50-50-100 Transportation Rule: Would apply to transportation to scrimmages, games, camps, shows and competitions

•Less than 50 miles round trip = no charge

•Between 50 and 100 miles round trip = group charged half the cost

•More than 100 miles = group pays for entire trip

*Exemptions will be trips to Firelands and Vermilion high schools, since they are in the West Shore Conference and are 52 miles round trip.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled to be held at 6:30 p.m. June 22 at the  Heritage North Elementary School Media Center.


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