Sheffield Village

By John Edwards

At Sheffield Village Council’s Oct. 19 regular meeting, Mayor John Hunter told council that all of the Veterans’ Administration services that had been housed in the St. Joseph’s Hospital building in Lorain will be coming to Sheffield Village. The St. Joseph building is currently being demolished.

Hunter said the VA has a five-year lease (with a five-year option) on the building on the southeast corner of Hoag Drive at Abbe Road, and will move in to that location early in 2016. Hunter said the VA would also construct a new building for the VA Clinic at a location to be determined in Sheffield Village some time in the future.

The mayor told council members that the long-delayed opening of the Hilton Homewood Suites Hotel on Transportation Drive would finally open for business on either Nov. 8 or Nov. 15. Hunter also said that Magpie Pizza & Sports Bar would move into the former Bellacino’s location in November.

Council approved the mayor’s request to sponsor radio station WOBL’s National Substance Abuse Prevention Month and Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Campaign (Oct.25-31) in the amount of $298. Council canceled their Nov. 23 regular meeting due to its proximity to Thanksgiving Day, as some members will travel out of town during the Thanksgiving weekend.

In legislative action council unanimously approved an ordinance to employ Solicitor Thomas J. Smith from Nov. 1 2016 through March 31 2016 at the same rate of compensation Smith has received through his entire tenure as village law director, a post he has held since 2008. Council approved Smith’s retirement last month; Smith announced his retirement early in order to avoid reductions in his Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) benefits that would have become effective if Smith did not retire before next year.

Council also unanimously approved an ordinance to pay KS Associates, the village engineers, $100,000 to design and prepare plans and specifications for the widening and improvement of East River Road. Hunter explained that the preliminary engineering for the project in order to apply for federal, state and county funding to pay for the East River Road project, expected to begin in 2016 or 2017.

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