To the Editor:

Residents of Fairview Park, Fairview Park holds a special place in my heart. My husband and I grew up here, made lifelong friends here, and chose to raise our family here. Our oldest has been part of the school system for four years now, and she has loved every moment. We truly believe that we are the lucky ones to have such great public schools with dedicated teachers and staff members. However, I feel obligated to speak out and say that the culture in our school district has recently shifted.

The recent reduction in workforce has left us all in shock. Parents are angry and teachers are nervous. The school district’s budget projects us to fall even further in debt over the next five years. I ask you to please reach out to the Board of Education and seek answers. Ask them how they are holding the Superintendent Bill Wagner accountable?  What steps are being taken to reduce this deficit? What staff position can be eliminated beyond teachers? How many people were hired despite the knowledge that a deficit was looming?

If you don’t have a child in the school system, you are probably thinking why should I care?  The biggest reason is that your property value is tied to the success or failure of Fairview Park City Schools. A small community like Fairview Park needs the support of all residents. We need to hold the Board of Education accountable. They are elected officials on our behalf. If the Board of Education fails to engage this community and address our concerns, we have the power to make a change; three board seats are up for election come November. Fairview Park is such a great place to raise a family, and I know we can all rally behind and support our kids and their teachers.

Angie Cause

Fairview Park

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