Resurfacing about 1.6 miles of Hilliard Boulevard could be completed this year if the weather cooperates.

City Council awarded a $1.97 million contract for the work at its June 24 meeting. Work is scheduled to start Monday.

The project is scheduled to take two construction seasons, but motorists could get lucky and see the work done in one.

Work will start in the area between Westmoor Road and River Oaks Drive. Phase Two, from River Oaks Drive to the Westlake border, is scheduled to start next year and be completed by July 31, 2020.

Council awarded the contract to Crossroads Asphalt Recycling of Columbia Station.

“The contractor and the city will consider completing Phase Two this year if weather and construction time allows,” Rocky River Safety-Service Director Mary Kay Costello said.

City staff will work with Crossroads to get the project done as quickly as possible, Costello said.

The project will include full-depth street and curb repairs and sidewalk crossing ramp replacements where necessary. New pavement will be spread just east of Westmoor to the Westlake line.

“It’s an extensive project which will do a lot of good for the city,” Councilman John Shepherd said after the June 24 meeting.

Other provisions of the contract include:

Work between Northview and Wagar roads must be done by Aug. 16 with crews working between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. to minimize disruptions at Magnificat High School.

One lane of traffic in each direction will be open at all times.

Stamped concrete crosswalks will be installed at the Hilliard/Wagar intersection and at the crosswalk across Hilliard near Wildflower Drive and the outdoor pool.

Cuyahoga County could pay up to $1.45 million, or 80% of the cost, of the work between Westmoor and River Oaks and 60% of the engineering costs, up to $100,000. Hilliard is also Cuyahoga County Route 69.

The contractor will make the area as accessible as possible during the work, Costello said. The roadway will be milled and within three days an intermediate asphalt course will be put down.

Road repairs will be made after the intermediate asphalt is installed: Sections of road will be cut out and concrete sub-structure will be replaced. Curbs will be replaced where necessary and crossing ramp areas replaced at intersections where necessary to meet accessibility requirements.

Costello said median crossings will be affected by the road and curb repairs and paving, adding that temporary closures at cross-over areas will be necessary.

Once all repairs and the sidewalk ramp work is done, the final pavement will be installed, she said. The stamped concrete crosswalks will likely be installed at the end of the project and road striping and markings will also be installed.

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