Stacking cups on top of each other to form a pyramid may not seem to some like much of a sport, but the world-record holder stacks 12 cups to construct three pyramids – and then breaks them back down – in just 2.19 seconds.

This crazy, speed-stacking adrenaline rush is now an international sport that kids are wild about.

“Sport stacking is an actual sport that kids participate in,” Angela Young, youth librarian at North Ridgeville Library, said. “Kids compete all over the world in these


For a chance to see kids in action, the library will host a speed stacking training session at 2 p.m. March 20. Students from Wilcox Elementary School will bring their speed, tips and competitive nature as they compete and teach the ins and outs of cup stacking.

“We found out that gym classes in the city’s elementary schools have been doing this sport for years,” Young said. “I have teenagers who volunteer here that participated in speed sport stacking at their schools.”

The sport works like this: A kid is given three sets of cups, one set with three, one with six and one with three cups. At the word “Go!” the competitor makes three separate pyramids with the sets of cups and then breaks each pyramid down. When finished, he or she stops a timer. There are various pyramid configurations followed in contests, including the 3-6-3 stack explained here. It may sound a little strange, but it is actually a wildly

entertaining sport to watch, as well as in which to participate.

“I was once told by a gym teacher that this is a good sport for those kids who can’t excel in gymnastics or kickball,” Young said. “This gives those kids that chance to show they can shine, too.”

She also said when participating in cup stacking, kids use a different area of their brain and are building some of the same skills used in other sports.

“The kids are also learning about competition,” Young said. “Just watching them do it is amazing. They are really into it, and it is something that they are doing themselves. Sport stacking is not really a team effort, more of an ‘I-can-do-this-myself’ mode that they get themselves into.”

To register for the sport cup stacking training class, contact the library at 327-8326.

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