By Nicole Hennessy


Last November Avon High School senior and Key Club president Morgan Weiss began helping her grandparents learn to use iPads her family bought them for Christmas.

“I went over there at least once a week,” she remembered, explaining how this inspired her to create Tech Connect, a monthly program where students help community members learn to use their computers and gadgets. 

Though she was happy to help her grandparents, she thought to herself, “I should start a program to help those who do not have someone there to help them.”

Luckily, Weiss was soon elected Key Club president and was able to bring Tech Connect to life. 

With a space to host the event – the Avon Police Department Community Room – and about 10 to 15 student volunteers to provide one-on-one assistance, all she needed was a steady stream of tech-confused community members.

“It was hard in the beginning, but we eventually had a group of people who came every month,” said Weiss. “Those who did come were able to bond with students and great connections were made.”

This year, she’s hoping the program will grow and that those regulars from last year will come back, her goal being  to not only keep this project going, but to eventually expand it to different locations and encourage her successor as Key Club president to also keep the momentum going after Weiss graduates in 2016.

“I plan to go into Environmental Sciences and work with water pollution,” Weiss said of her post-high-school plans.

“I know this is a little different than Tech Connect, but this program confirmed all thoughts I had about going into a field working with others and doing a job where I know I am making a difference.”

Weiss can be contacted at, though no reservations are necessary for Tech Connect. Community members are encouraged to drop by with their devices from 6:30 until 8 p.m. on the following monthly dates:

  • Nov. 2
  • Dec. 7
  • Jan. 4  
  • Feb. 1  
  • March 7nd
  • April 4
  • May 2

The Avon Police Department Community Room is located at 36145 Detroit Road just off of the department’s main lobby. 


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