I have always been brought up to be a die-hard Cleveland sports fan, no matter what happens. And let’s be honest, being a Cleveland fan is one of the hardest things to do, except when it come to the Cavs.

Ever since LeBron James came to town, Northeast Ohio residents have had a newfound energy. LeBron gave us reasons to cheer, but never a reason to celebrate. After six seasons, The Chosen One still never brought a ring to Cleveland.

And now that fateful day Cavs fans have dreaded for years is coming up very soon. What jersey will LeBron be wearing next season?

I’ve gotten into many conversations about how the Cavs are the most disappointing team in Cleveland. Are you giving this paper a confused look after reading that last line? That’s the look many have given me when I state that.

Think about it, though. The Browns and Indians haven’t given us a reason to believe in quite a few years. The only team we have had high expectations for is the Cavs. They’re the only Cleveland team we can truly have high hopes for, only to get disappointed in the end.

And now the Cavs may be giving us another reason to be disappointed. And the decision of whether to break Cleveland fans’ hearts rests in LeBron’s hands.

I told myself after the final game against Boston I didn’t care where LeBron went. He was not himself, hurt elbow or not. Sure, he had a triple-double in that final game, but if you include his turnovers, he almost went for the rarely seen quadruple double.

I was so upset that I yelled and cried, and in the end I just laughed. It was another Cleveland season that ended in a disappointing way.

I’ve had some time since that final game to think things over though. I’m just not ready to say goodbye to LeBron. No matter who we bring in, no athlete will ever be better than him.

Will the hometown kid stay in Cleveland, where he is looked at as a savior, or go elsewhere?

I can’t spend anymore time thinking about what the future holds for the Cavs. So please, LeBron, hurry up!

3-on-3 basketball tourney

Registration is being held for a Rangers 3-on-3 Holiday Basketball Tournament that will take place at South Central Park Saturady at 9 a.m. Age divisions are 12 and under, 13-15 years-old and 16-18 years-old. Registration fee is $50 per team. Register at the parks and recreation office from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. through Friday. Call 353-0860 for more information.


Last week, a photo had been shown of the North Ridgeville U-11 girls soccer team. The caption was wrong, and Kennedy Claudio was left out. The back row should have been (L-R): Coach Dan Blagojevic, Frankie Carson, Marley Kalata, Emma Lampe, Catrina Engel, Julie Petro, Kennedy Claudio, Rachel Spurlock, and Coach Jeff Hassler.

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