Fairview Park

City Council held a special meeting Aug. 10 to authorize the emergency repair of a 30-inch diameter sewer pipe that drains into the Metroparks in the northeast section of the city.

An ordinance authorizing the city to spend up to $50,000 on the repair was passed by a 6-0 vote. Ward 5 Councilman Pete Matia was absent. Under state law, emergency repairs can be authorized without seeking formal bids if council approves the expenditure by a two-thirds majority.

The city did obtain three proposals from contractors, ranging in price from $32,910 to $83,655. The lowest bidder, Fortuna Aggregates LLC, was awarded the contract. Additional money was authorized under the ordinance in case additional repairs are needed.

The pipe in question runs from Deer Lane, a cul-de-sac off of North Valley Drive, into the Cleveland Metroparks. Service Director Jim Kennedy said three areas of the pipe along a 130-foot section had deteriorated, blocking the flow of stormwater.

Kennedy said the collapse of the pipe requires immediate attention.

“Since this storm sewer services a large part of the North Valley area, there is a high risk of residential flooding should a strong storm occur,” Kennedy wrote in an Aug. 9 letter to council members that requested the emergency meeting the next day. “Delaying this contract award by conducting a normal advertising and bidding process and/or holding additional council meetings will postpone these needed repairs and create a significant risk for the residents serviced by this storm line.”

The problem was discovered, Kennedy said, when a home in the area experienced flooding during a recent heavy rainstorm. Because homes in that area had not typically experienced flooding, Service Department employees first suspected drainage issues on that particular property. Finding none, they then checked a ravine that runs into the Metroparks and found sinkholes above the pipe, Kennedy said.

Kennedy told West Life that he expects Fortuna will start on the repair work in about two weeks.

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