By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

City officials are working to ensure the boom is back in North Olmsted for the 2016 July 4 weekend.

City Council’s Finance Committee, at its Nov. 24 meeting, recommended approving Mayor Kevin Kennedy entering into a new contract with Mad Bomber Fireworks Productions to provide fireworks currently scheduled for Sunday, July 3, 2016 as part of the city’s July 4 celebration. The city hired Mad Bomber Fireworks to do the fireworks for the July 4/Bicentennial fireworks display last year – the first July 4 fireworks display for the city since the 1970s. The full City Council was scheduled to consider the resolution at last night’s regular meeting.

Kennedy said bringing the fireworks and Mad Bomber back for an encore in 2016 is a no-brainer.

“They were really popular,” he said. “We had thousands of people out at the mall to watch them and it was popular with the businesses in the area as well. When I talked to a lot of the business people afterwards, they all told me they had a lot of business because of all those people coming into the area.”

Kennedy said city police and fire officials were also happy with how the business handled the safety aspects of the show. He said the fireworks likely would be shot off from Moen property again, with people able to view them from parking at Great Northern Mall.

Kennedy said the fireworks display in 2016 would be “about the same size show and cost the same at $25,000” as the 2015 show.

“It brings a lot of people into North Olmsted businesses and its good because the Mad Bomber office is in North Olmsted too,”Council Finance Committee Chairman Kevin Kearney said.

Kennedy said he would ask businesses in the city to pay for the fireworks show.

“I don’t think we’ll have too much of a problem getting them too help put,” he said. “They liked the show and getting all the additional business, so I think they’ll be willing to help out.”

Council President Nicole Dailey Jones asked Kennedy if he would have money set aside in case the administration couldn’t get businesses’ to cover the costs. Kennedy said he would, but again indicated he thought businesses would be willing to help pay.

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