Upset with order, wanted man calls Rocky River Police, who arrest him


A 30-year-old Rocky River man said his order was wrong at Taco Bell, but that was the least of his problems.

Abdulameer Al-Edany called police June 1 to complain about service at the Center Ridge Road restaurant only to be arrested on a warrant for not showing up twice for a court appearance last month.

Al-Edany is scheduled to appear in Rocky River Municipal Court today for not appearing in court May 15 and 22 on a speeding charge. The ticket stemmed from a May 1 incident when a Rocky River police officer stopped him for driving 85 mph in a 60 mph zone on Interstate 90.

Rocky River police arrested Al-Edany at Taco Bell after he called them at 4:15 p.m. to say a counter worker had threatened him when he told the employee his order was incorrect.

After Al-Edany identified himself, police checked his records and found a warrant had been issued for his arrest after he did not show for the two scheduled appearances.

“If I haven’t shown up for court appearances and there’s a warrant out for my arrest, I wouldn’t be calling police and complaining about the service or food at Taco Bell or anywhere else,” Rocky River Police Lt. Bill Crates said.

Witnesses did not confirm Al-Edany’s account of what occurred between him and the clerk, Crates said.

“We didn’t find anybody saying there was a confrontation or threats made involving an order,” Crates said.

A Taco Bell manager who declined to be identified said the clerk told her that Al-Edany’s order was filled correctly. It appeared the man had spilled some of the food, when he came back to say the order was incorrect, she said the clerk told her. She did not know what the order was.

If Al-Edany doesn’t show again, he will be arrested, Crates said.

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